9 Actionable steps to achieve your success

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I have been a wantrepreneur for  a while and decided that I need to get more serious if I really want to see the success. It is hard to put yourself in the “Sink or Swim” mindset when you have a safety net called “Husband” but that is what it takes if we want to make a transition from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur.   Here is a Step- by- Step actionable list I made from the collaboration of all the books and seminars I listened to.

 1.       Set a Big Goal

It is important to set a Big dream goal and Not a “realistic” goal. The reason is that the realistic goals are the ones set by looking at their past or present circumstances. Therefore, realistic goals mean you are creating more of the similar situation you are in Now. If the dream is not big enough, you don’t have enough motivation to pursue. On the other hand, if the dream is big, the reward will be worthwhile and you will be excited. You also need to be specific about your goal. How much money you want to earn, what kind of house you will be living, what kind of relationship you will be having, etc.

2.       Write down your goal(s) and make a habit to think about it every day

We are all able to “Program” our goal in our brain by repeatedly writing down and reading out loud. Sitting down and meditate your goal for 5 – 10 minutes everyday is also a great idea. You are who you think you are, therefore, you will become who you think you will become. It is very powerful.

3.       Mind storm and figure out your true passion

What are you good at? Everyone is born with their unique talent and ability. What is it that you can do all day, which makes you forget the passing of time? All successful people are making a living doing what they love to do.

4.       Write minimum 20 action steps you can take to get closer to the goal, pick one of them and start taking action

This is a proven method by Brian Tracy. According to him, so many people become millionaires using this method. First 3-5 answers will be easy, the next 3-5 answers will be difficult and the last 10 answers will be extremely difficult but Brian states that often 20th action steps changed their lives. If you cannot come up 20, that is fine. Just pick of the action steps you came up with and take action. This will activate your creativity and help you figure out the missing action steps.

5.   Invest in yourself

Becoming  a success in your industry, doesn’t mean you have to re-invent the wheel. In most cases, somebody has already done it. So all you have to do is to learn how these people have achieved their success and follow their foot steps. Attend seminars, purchase courses, hire a coach…. anything to help you follow their footsteps will save your time & money.  Yes, money too because you can learn to avoid costly mistake people made to achieve their success.

6.   Work to build your confidence and remove any fear (Fear of failure, fear of success etc.)

Lack of confidence and fear can sabotage yourself.We all can reprogram our mind to overcome these obstacles. Here is the recommended free guide to help you on this issue. http://www.prolificliving.com/21-step-confidence-series/

 7.       Start acting as if you have already achieved your Success

Law of attraction! If you start acting differently from you do now, you start attracting different people and things. Brian Tracy, the famous motivational speaker who published a book and teaches the secret of self-made millionaire says “ In order to achieve success, you have to become a totally different person”

·         Think like successful people

Focus on ONLY positive and take failure as an opportunity to learn something from it.

·         Dress like successful people

You will notice people treat you differently and make you feel differently too. Imagine your ideal success character and start dressing like that.

·         Talk & behave like successful people

Successful people talk slow with good eye contact. This shows their confidence. Think of someone successful  in your life and ask yourself “how would she / he behaves in this situation?” and act on it. Think of yourself as a Hollywood actor. Academy awarded actors earn tens of millions of dollars because they set their mind and practice over and over to “become” the role they were assigned to be.  If they are given the script to be a doctor, they believe themselves that they are doctor when they play that role. Daily habits determine who you are. If you practice the habit of behaving the certain way over and over, it will eventually be your habit.

8.       Read a Book related to your goal 30min to 1 HR everyday

Keep improving and upgrading yourself is one of the key components to achieve success. Many successful people doubled or tripled their income in 1 year by doing this.  If you are like me who is not good at reading books, get audio books and listen to them while you are driving or running on the treadmill.

9.       Practice discipline and be persistent

Just like Olympic athletes who become better than their competitors, you need to discipline yourself and keep taking action until you see the result. The reason most people are not successful is that they give up when they face the obstacle or worse yet, they give up even before they start. So don’t be a DNS (Did not Start) or a DNF (Did not Finish) player. I would love to hear from you if you have something to add to this list : ) Are you ready to join me on this journey to achieve success? Let’s get started!!

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