A neat cat litter box solution

stylish litter box

As a cat owner, where to place a cat litter box is an issue. We want to place it in the most inconspicuous place. However, no matter where you place it, litter box is always nothing but “eye-sore”. But does it have to be? I have been researching types of  unique litter box that could be a part of interior. [Read more…]

Race report- St. Patrick’s Day 5K

St. Patrick’s day 5K was held in Stanley park Yesterday, March 15, 2014. It was a misty rainy morning but the rain stopped at the start of the race which was a blessing. The course was described as “Fast, flat course”…I agree with being a fast course, but it was not entirely flat. Long gradual down hill at the first part of the course compensates for the last part of the course which is  gradual up hill.

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