A neat cat litter box solution

stylish litter box

As a cat owner, where to place a cat litter box is an issue. We want to place it in the most inconspicuous place. However, no matter where you place it, litter box is always nothing but “eye-sore”. But does it have to be? I have been researching types of  unique litter box that could be a part of interior.

There are some decorative cat litter out there like this one if you are willing to invest from $500 – $600.designer cat letter First of all, I don’t wish to spend that much money on a litter box and second, most decorative cat litter boxes are enclosed and large cats like Mango will not have an easy time in there. Lastly, it doesn’t look like a litter box so I might forget to clean it !!

So my solution for this issue is to create a littler box that some what blends in with the room and less eye sore to human. Most litter boxes at pet store are boring looking plastic bin and none of them a big enough for Mango.

Mango Forbes
This is Mango. There is his former litter box behind him. You can see how tiny it used to be.

So I went to the organizer section of Walmart and found a perfect size plastic organizing box. It is only $10 including the lid!!(Well, we will not use the lid as a cat litter box but still it make you feel you get a bonus, right?) Those plastic organizers are purposely “clear” in color so that you can see what is in there. So I wanted to conceal that transparent look by  using decorative adhesive paper.

Decorative wall papers were expensive so I kept wondering in the store and found a “Wood pattern adhesive sheet” for the kitchen for $7.  I also picked up a new box of cat litter and went home excited!!

The trickiest part was to apply the sheet around the plastic box without creating air bubble in between the box and the sheet. You can use a cloth or straight edge tool like a ruler. Finished product looks like wooden sand box for kids to play.

Clay cat litter looks kind of like “Beach sand” so I always wanted to create a “Beach theme” litter box for fun. I had been looking for a mini palm tree to place next the box and found a decorative “Beach happy hour” sign with metal palm tree at one of the home decorating stores.

beach litter box 3

This is a new litter box for Mango & Zeto. A new litter box is much roomier (26″ x 16″) than the last one (18″ x 14″ ) especially for Mango to freely move around. Decorative sheet applied around the box perfectly matches the hard wood floor and the happy hour sign with a palm tree provides fun and inviting atmosphere. I know cats don’t care about “Litter box theme” but it is not so eye sore to human anymore. It is a win-win situation : )


If you are up for more heavy duty DIY project, check out this site. There are some impressive litter box cover up solutions there.

Do you have any other interesting litter box solution? Please share with us by leaving a comment below!!

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