Captain Jon’s Mystery Chicken

 5 stars

Jon's mystery chicken final

Jon mentioned about this recipe on my Facebook page the other day so I tried it last night. It was easy and it turned out excellent! so I wanted to share with you my cooking process. Jon did not specify the quantity of each ingredients so I researched the similar recipes and “Guesstimated” them but it worked well. [Read more…]

Quick and Easy Chicken Recipe

Chicken with Prune and Olive sauce

4.5 stars

Finished Chicken, Olives. and Plunes

I don’t remember where I got this recipe from, but whenever I got stuck with dinner idea and stock in the fridge,  I always come to this recipe. It requires only 6 ingredients you might always have in your pantry. Chicken with Prune and Olive sauce is the one of my simple and healthy Chicken recipes….and delicious! Sweetness of prune and saltiness of olive harmonize together perfectly. [Read more…]