How to Make an Asymmetrical Skirt – Ridiculously Easy

DIY Asymmetrical Skirt

This is by far, the most easiest sewing project I have ever taken. Similar to my “garbage sack style(Thanks to my friend Phil, to describe this way)” poncho top I posted last time, fold the fabric in half without cutting (Except for an adjustment of the length), just sew three parts and whala! A stylish and comfortable DIY asymmetrical skirt! I almost want to say even a monkey can do this. [Read more…]

DIY Poncho Style top

DIY Poncho Style top

I have to admit,  I go fabric shopping but I don’t always start my project with the fabric I purchased. It is similar to shopping for clothing. You thought it was cute at the store but when you go home and look at it again, it somehow doesn’t look the same….Have you had this experience?  Well, this piece of fabric was an example such a case. [Read more…]

DIY Cute workout outfit

DIY cute workout outfit


Buying a new workout outfit motivates us to exercise harder. Good workout outfits cannot just look stylish but need to provide comfort and function. It was not easy to find cute workout clothing 10 years ago, but as exercises are getting more and more popular these days, more sporting manufactures are producing outfits that are colorful and stylish as well as comfortable.

But unfortunately, most of those cute, fashionable outfits are very expensive. $50 to $60 for a tank top? Are you kidding me? I don’t care how much money I make, I just cannot bring myself to pay that much amount for a piece of the outfit. So I decided to experiment  to see how difficult will it be, to make a DIY cute workout outfit. [Read more…]

A neat cat litter box solution

stylish litter box

As a cat owner, where to place a cat litter box is an issue. We want to place it in the most inconspicuous place. However, no matter where you place it, litter box is always nothing but “eye-sore”. But does it have to be? I have been researching types of  unique litter box that could be a part of interior. [Read more…]