How to make Stylish Front Knot Top

Twisted top model 2

Have you ever regretted that you did not buy 2 of the same certain top instead of 1 because it turned out to be your favorite? Styles are constantly changing and it is impossible to find exactly the same ones. When your favorite top become old and it is a time to throw out, “dissect it” so you can recreate! Today, I would like to give you a tutorial of this stylish twisted front top. You will be surprised it is not as difficult as you think! [Read more…]

How to make a Psychedelic Top


I have an OBSESSION in Sewing. I haven’t sewn for a while (1 week). I started having a “withdrawal syndrome” of being antsy so I decided to go fabric shopping in my favorite store “Dressew” in Vancouver despite the pouring rain. What I like about this store is that they have tons of “End of roll” fabric for a very reasonable prices. So I like to just go in there without a plan, find a fabric I like, and create something. [Read more…]