DIY Cute workout outfit

DIY cute workout outfit


Buying a new workout outfit motivates us to exercise harder. Good workout outfits cannot just look stylish but need to provide comfort and function. It was not easy to find cute workout clothing 10 years ago, but as exercises are getting more and more popular these days, more sporting manufactures are producing outfits that are colorful and stylish as well as comfortable.

But unfortunately, most of those cute, fashionable outfits are very expensive. $50 to $60 for a tank top? Are you kidding me? I don’t care how much money I make, I just cannot bring myself to pay that much amount for a piece of the outfit. So I decided to experiment  to see how difficult will it be, to make a DIY cute workout outfit.

DIY cute workout outfit


I cut front and back pieces from a stretchy dark rose pink colored fabric, and front and back pieces of the shelf bra from dark purple cotton blend stretchy fabric. I  proudly tell you that All fabrics are found in discount remnants section….as usual!

DIY cute workout outfit

 Sew shoulder seams of front and back shelf bra. ( I use a serger but you can use a zigzag stitch of the regular sewing machine)

DIY cute workout outfit

Sew seams along the bust line and shoulder seams of the front and back of the main piece .

DIY cute workout outfit

Sew side seams of the front and back of the main piece.

DIY cute workout outfit

Sew side seams of shelf bra and baste shelf bra to the main piece. Stitch along the neckline and arm holes.

DIY cute workout outfitFold seams of neckline and arm holes you just stitched, inside. Finish edges by stitching one more time.

Stitch a wide elastic band to hem of shelf bra and stitch. The way I do it is

1. Stitch elastic ends together to make a loop first

2. Mark  4 points that are equally spaced (sides, center, and back), both on an elastic band and a shelf bra

3. Stitch an elastic band and a shelf bra, matching marked points. (This is a bit tricky. You need to sew as you pull an elastic band to match the length of shelf bra.)

DIY cute workout outfit

Fold attached elastic band inward and stitch around, for a comfort of wearing it.

DIY cute workout outfit

Press hem allowance to wrong side and stitch with twin needle.

Fabric paint

Now here it a fun part. I found this “Fabric paint” at a sewing section of Walmart the other day and I have been dying to try this.

DIY cute fabric

Instruction on the bottle suggest to paint by squeezing a paint out. But it creates an uneven thickness of the paint and it is hard to draw. So I used a paint brush and worked out perfectly! This paint is supposed to be machine washable after 72 hours…. we will see.

DIY cute workout outfit

Here is how it looks on me. I also made a matching pant. I went running with it, washed it and the flowers I painted were still on the fabric. Pretty cool!

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  • Lily Fung

    Fabulous! this is cute, you did a great job, I also planning on making my own workout out fit and your idea really inspired me :)

    • m3houghton

      Hi Lily, Sorry for my late reply. There was a little issue with my comment system. I appreciate your kind comment. I am curious to know how your workout outfit project goes;-) Have fun!