DIY Octopus Art Reproduction


I finally decided to decorate our empty bedroom wall with some kind of artwork. I wanted the theme to be a “Nautical” to match our bed cover.

After some googling, I found this Octopus art. It is perfectly nautical and one of the pictures was showcasing Giuliana Rancic’s nursery decor with this painting. This artwork was originally created by scientist Lord Bodner in 1826 as part of the deep sea creature study. Now its reproductions are sold as high-end decor and for as much as $5,000!

Since I have been getting into DIY art reproduction lately, I decided to create one myself. It turned out to be pretty cool! So I wanted to share the process with you.

Here is how I created the Octopus triptych artwork reproduction if you are interested to know.

How to Create 3-Piece Octopus Art Decor in 5 Steps

What you will need

  • Long canvas X3
  • Cobalt blue acrylic paint 100ml X 3
  • White acrylic paint 100ml x 1
  • Paint brushes (Wide flat brush for the base, and artist paint brushes of your choice- I used round pointed and flat)
  • White tracing paper X 1 (Available at art supply stores)

Step 1  Enlarge the image to fit the canvas using Posterazer and print it out using your own printer. Put printed papers together with scotch tape.

Posterazor tutorial video

Step 2  Paint the background of 3 canvases in dark cobalt blue and let them dry.



Tip: It requires several layers to have an even look. Don’t forget to paint sides too.

Step 3  Put three canvases together, place a white tracing paper on them, and the enlarged image on top of that.



Step 4  Trace the image. 


Step 5  Paint the image.




It perfectly matches my nautical bed cover & pillows. What is your favourite sea creature painting?

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