DIY Red Cape Style Coat for Women


This Red cape style coat  I created in January, is my best sewing project so far. I originally wanted to make a red winter coat / jacket which is inspired by the one I saw at one of the clothing stores in Portland, OR.IMG_0875

I like to go to nice clothing stores for a window shopping (Literally) and take pictures of the clothing I like so that I can try to recreate them. (I know sales clerk  would not appreciate this so I tell them ” I sending a picture to my friend who might like this”) One day, I found a perfect fabric (about 1.5 meter long) in the clearance section for this coat for  $10.39 ! Coat fabrics are usually expensive and the regular price for this particular one was $ 24.00/ meter on the shelf so this was really a great find.

   IMG_0949         IMG_0947


I was so excited to create the coat in the picture but when I came home, I realized I don’t have enough fabric to make sleeves. This is the down side of using  a clearance fabric….but at the same time, I think this makes us to be creative. So my creative mind told me the other option is to make something doesn’t require sleeves….like a cape or a poncho.  After I researched style of patterns on the internet,  I drew my pattern on the craft paper, in free-style. A Cape style coat with collar and pockets.  Sewing is like cooking. Preparation is the most time consuming but critical part. Actual stitching part is rather easy. Thanks to my serger machine, sewing has been even easier and more fun.


I wanted make it look professional so I decided to make “Lining”. I went back to the fabric store and found “leopard pattern” clearance fabric which is perfect for a lining. I also bought big round black buttons that make this coat looks accentuated and cute. This was the first time for me to sew lining but after the observation of my existing coats, I figured that I just have to make a little bigger than the front piece and tuck the excess here and there. I am only making this for myself so no pressure. The result was satisfactory. IMG_0956Have fun Sewing !



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