How to make Stylish Front Knot Top

Twisted top model 2

Have you ever regretted that you did not buy 2 of the same certain top instead of 1 because it turned out to be your favorite? Styles are constantly changing and it is impossible to find exactly the same ones. When your favorite top become old and it is a time to throw out, “dissect it” so you can recreate! Today, I would like to give you a tutorial of this stylish twisted front top. You will be surprised it is not as difficult as you think!

Twisted top pattern

Here are patterns you will need. When you cut  a fabric, you will need to cut a pair of front pieces and sleeve pieces both in mirror image . Total of 6 pieces of fabric is all you need(1.5 cm seam allowances are included in all pieces). I recommend you use your existing shirt to trace curve part of arms for accuracy.

Twisted top pattern 2Here is the measurement detail of the pattern pieces I created (Women’s Medium). I made my sleeve to be “Elbow” length here but you can adjust your sleeve length to your preference. All you need is a regular sewing machine but I do recommend using the TWIN NEEDLE to stitch stretchy fabric. You can buy the TWIN NEEDLE in most sewing supply stores and it allows stitches to stretch without breaking. If you want to learn more detail about how to use TWIN NEEDLE, Click HERE

Twin needleThis is the Twin needle. It is universal and you just need to replace a regular single needle with this. Make sure to use straight stitch (Not Zigzag). Front side comes out with straight stitch line and the back side comes out with Zigzag (See step #3). It works like magic on Stretchy fabrics

Neck Piece

1. Fold neck strip in half lengthwise, wrong side facing in, and press.

Attaching neck piece

2. Pin strip to back neck edge, right sides facing, matching raw edges. Stitch strip in place (3/8″ or 1cm from the edge) Trim seam allowances and clip curves.

neckline sewedI used white thread for you to see better.

Neck sewed2

Neck is all attached!

Press neck3. Turn strip to inside and press. Topstitch neck edge with the “TWIN NEEDLE”

Neck finish 1Stitch view on front (Two straight lines)

Neck ZigzagStitch view on back (Zigzag)

Front Pieces together4. Lay front pieces together, right sides facing. Stitch center front seam (Red dotted line). Fold and press green dotted lines.

Mid step5. Finish edges of seam allowances and press seam open. Turning self – facings inside and finish edges. (White dotted lines)

5a6. Fold right front along center front ( slit center), right side facing in. Stitch edges together (White dotted line) leaving 6/8″ (2cm) from the end. (Leaving a 2cm opening here is critical to let the other side of the fabric go through to make a twist (knot).

front sewed oneside7. Pull left front through the slit, from the inside.

Front went through hole

View from the other side after left front side is pulled through. Now put two red lines together (right side facing) and stitch them

Attach front twist final

Attach Front & Back piece together8. Lay front on back, right sides facing. Stitch shoulder & side seams (Red dotted lines)

Sleeve 19. Fold each sleeve lengthwise, right side facing in. Stitch sleeve seams.

Sleeve final10. Pin each sleeve to armhole edge, right sides facing. Stitch! Hem sleeves and a main piece using TWIN NEEDLE to finish up!

Final ProductTa-da! Project completed!

Note: Sleeves are shorter than the one I am wearing in the first picture because I did not have enough fabric left to make them the elbow length for this one: )

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