How to make a Fleece jacket that is comfortable, versatile, and stylish

How to make a fleece jacket

Comfortable, light weight, and stylish in a sporty way, a fleece jacket is perfect for most seasons.  Today, I will show you how to make a fleece jacket and it was quite easy! The finish of my sewing projects have been getting better each time and I am pleased how this jacket turned out.

how to make a fleece jacket

Fleece is a synthetic fabric resembles wool but softer and lighter weight. I found this bright lime green which is one of my favorite color, fleece remnant fabric and picked up two of them. I bought two $2.39 remnant pieces (1.5 yard in length each).

how to make a pattern out of existing clothing

I created a pattern using my existing sport jacket. The best place to do this is on the rug. Place a graph paper (I just use a craft paper because it’s cheap. You can even use news paper or left over wrapping paper.), place your garment flat, and trace the outline with “Tailor’s wheel” ( you can see my cat, Zeto is holding a tailor’s wheel to help me in the picture).

how to cut fabric

Once you made patterns, transfer onto the back side of fabric (make sure you give extra 1.5cm for seam allowance) and cut them. Here are the back, sides of back, collar pieces, and sleeves.

Front pieces

Here are front pieces, front sides, front interface, shoulder pieces, and sleeves.

Back pieces sewedFirst, sew back and back side pieces together.

Front pieces sewedThen sew front pieces (center front, center side, and shoulder ) together.

front and back attachedNow, you attache back pieces and front pieces together.

collar pieces togetherNow it is time to sew collars together.

Back, Front, and collarAttach the collar to the main piece

how to make a fleece jacket

Baste zippers on center front pieces and front facings on each side of the collar edge.

Front interface

Stitch front facings by “Sandwitching” zippers with center front pieces.

Front interface 1


front and back attached 2This is how it looks so far. Not bad. I can finish it as a vest right here if I wanted to.

how to make a fleece jacketNow the last part. Sew sleeves and attach them to the main piece.

finished fleece jacketThis is my finished fleece jacket! Temperature in Vancouver is about 12 °C (53.6 °F) now and this jacket is perfect to walk around outside! I hope you liked my tutorial of how to make a fleece jacket.

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