How to make a Psychedelic Top


I have an OBSESSION in Sewing. I haven’t sewn for a while (1 week). I started having a “withdrawal syndrome” of being antsy so I decided to go fabric shopping in my favorite store “Dressew” in Vancouver despite the pouring rain. What I like about this store is that they have tons of “End of roll” fabric for a very reasonable prices. So I like to just go in there without a plan, find a fabric I like, and create something.



Yes! This is my favorite section. The gold mine.


Today, this funky psychedelic fabric pattern caught my eye. It is not very wide (91cm, Or 35 – 8/5 in) but  it is 158 cm ( 1.5 yard) in length, so I can make some kind of shirt. $1.79? What a steal! I decided to make a pattern from one of my existing favorite tops.

IMG_1030So this is a top I want to model after. I traced a pattern on to a crafting paper. Then pinned them onto my new psychedelic fabric and cut them.


IMG_0085First, sew darts.



Next, Sew front collars right side of the fabric together

IMG_0090 If you flip, they looks like this. As you can see, I carefully matched the flow of patterns to the front piece.


Then, sew lower part of collar together

IMG_0095Sew the back collar in the same way

IMG_0097Stitch shoulders and sides together

IMG_0098Sew two top collars together and attach it to the neck line.

IMG_0101Stitch the lower seam and it’s done! It looks good, but I decided to have sleeves to make it look a little different from the original top I modeled after. I did not have enough fabric left to make long sleeves so they have to be short sleeves….


Butterfly sleeves like theses would be perfect! so I traced them and cut 4 pieces of fabric.

photo(21)Note: You need 2 of above pieces and 2 more of mirror image pieces. I carefully matched the pattern of front sleeve pieces to match the front main piece. ( I did not care about back sleeve patterns matching to the back piece)


Here is the finished product! Do you like it with sleeves? or without sleeves?

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  • Carol Wanklin

    Well done—-the top looks fabulous!!

    • m3houghton

      Thank you Carol!