My Kits (Kitties)


I rescued Mango from Vancouver Washington humane society in 2012. I was hoping to get a cat who is 2 -3 years old, but the chemistry between a cat and a human is just like the chemistry between humans. When I saw Mango the 8-year-old whiny cat, nothing else mattered.

He had already been declawed so he  has strictly been an indoor cat. He  is chatty, likes to do yodel, and to drink water from the faucet.


Zeto 1479250_10151560630849567_821732616_n

Zeto is a quiet, very intelligent, and savvy indoor/outdoor cat. My husband and I saw Zeto always hanging out by one of our neighbour houses during our runs. Whenever we went by there, Zeto always came to greet us and we were very smitten by him. While we assumed that he belonged to that house, we also heard the rumor that he has no home.

One day, Zeto followed us all the way to our house for about a half of the block, like a dog. After he learned where we live, he started visiting us regularly, and one day he seemed to have determined to move into our place.



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