Running in Vancouver

Vancouver is known to be rainy and I don’t mind running on the treadmill on those days but when it’s sunny,I love to explore many beautiful trails we have here. Today, I went to Mosquito Creek Trail in North Vancouver.

M creek entrance

This is the entrance to the park and the trail head

M creek 1]

Mosquito creek is a well maintained trail just like any other trails here. The length of the trail is about 2 miles if you go all the way up and the grade of hill is very mild. It is great for running and one of my favorite trails here in North Vancouver.

M creek stream 1

Beautiful soothing creek runs along the trail


Look what I found on the ground. Most people walk or run by these tiny humble flowers without noticing them….but I didn’t. I stopped and took a good look at them.

flower 3


Beautiful. It was an unexpected simple joy to see things like this. These quietly blooming flowers are  telling us “Spring is here”. What an exciting feeling!


Towards the end of my run, I look up in the sky and noticed few buds on the trees. These are Magnolia trees. When they bloom in April to May, they are exquisite like this….


Cleveland dam

Living in Vancouver made me realize we need “Bad days” to appreciate “Good days”. If we always have a good day, we take it for granted and don’t even notice we are having a good day. So if we use this approach to everything in our lives, suddenly, bad days are not going to be so bad.

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