Race report- St. Patrick’s Day 5K

St. Patrick’s day 5K was held in Stanley park Yesterday, March 15, 2014. It was a misty rainy morning but the rain stopped at the start of the race which was a blessing. The course was described as “Fast, flat course”…I agree with being a fast course, but it was not entirely flat. Long gradual down hill at the first part of the course compensates for the last part of the course which is  gradual up hill.

Over 1,700 participants. A lot of green gears & costumes!!

I got my picture taken at the finish before the race started. It is important to imagine yourself going through the finish strong.

15 minutes before the start of the race (9:30 am), I was still warming up and doing some strides in front of the starting line like the other competitive runners….and one of the race officials yelled at me “If you don’t have an “Elite” sticker, please go off the road”….what? I am not even allowed to do my last warm up & strides in the starting area if I don’t have an “elite” sticker? Interesting….anyway, so the race begins….

Photo by Christopher Woo

Mark & I have not ran any races since last July due to minor injuries & other priorities in life so neither of us had clear idea how fast we would be able to run.

After 3 months off from running due to the heel pain caused by plantar Fasciitis, I trained for this race for 8 weeks.

The purpose of this race was to see exactly where I am…so that I have clear picture to set my next goal. I thought to myself that I would be happy if I break 22 minutes….

st.patricks day 5k MasakoI finished in 22:14.  It is not as fast as I wanted to run but at least I know where I am so I can work to bring this time down in my next 5K.

Mark finished at 21:26. He is happy that he did not get passed by his wife but this is unacceptably slow in his own mind. He said  he cannot believe his pace in 5K  today was slower than his “marathon” pace 10 years ago…..

st.patricks day 5k post race1

I knew there will be some beer served at the finish so I ran with my credit card & ID (? just in case) in my pocket and guess what? The sign says “Cash Only”…Boo. Who carries cash these days? Especially runners? Anyway, we collected as many free goodies & food as we can at the finish and left.

Irish bar

So we went to the closest Irish bar from the race.

st.patricks day 5k  post race beer

I am not really a beer drinker but I ordered a “sampler” for the sake of St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish breakfast

Followed by huge Irish breakfast.


As you can see, I am a Happy Camper!! Then I found out that official St.Patrick’s day is actually two days later!!

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  • Patrick Moore

    Congratulations to you and Mark! You are back on the road again and I know that makes you very happy. You know both of you will improve your performance. Gambate!
    The beer sampler looks good. Are you in Vancouver America or Canada?
    My brother is near Seattle and we like it up there. So relaxing with all the water.

    • m3houghton

      Thank you Patrick. We live in Vancouver Canada so it is near Seattle. Let us know when you are in this area next time. We would love to hook up with you : )